Recent Projects

The Projex Partners team have been involved in the management and execution of many engineering projects across Queensland. These projects include road and highway engineering, municipal infrastructure, urban development, hydrology and hydraulics, transport planning and traffic engineering.

We are proud to have been a part of the following exciting projects:

Hydrology & Hydraulics
Parks & Sporting Facilities
Project Management
Roads & Highways
Structural Engineering
Town Planning
Traffic & Transportation
Urban Development
Water & Sewer

Pietra Apartments, New Farm

Design of all structural elements for the project incorporating floor slabs, transfer slabs, columns and precast walls, steel framed roof and tower crane base. Inspections of structural items during construction and liaison with ...

Ciel Apartments, New Farm

Preliminary and detailed design for a 7-level unit development. A difficult site and large open spaces in the prestige apartments required an innovative structural system to be developed, with multiple transfers throughout the ...

Saraji Mine

Projex Partners was commissioned by BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) to investigate the suitability, effectiveness, costs and benefits of engineering treatments to improve the wet weather performance of selected haul roads at ...

Mooloolaba Caravan Park Revetment Wall

Sunshine Coast Council requested Projex Partners undertake design and approvals of refurbishment of the existing rock wall protecting the caravan park on Mooloolaba Beach foreshore. This project is currently on hold pending outcomes of ...

Shelley Beach Revetment Wall, Caloundra

Projex Partners was engaged by Sunshine Coast Council to undertake detailed design of a new rock revetment wall to protect the existing vegetation and replace the rock pitching around the stormwater pipe outlet with a grouted rock ...

Maloja Boat Ramp, Caloundra

Sunshine Coast Council requested Projex Partners undertake survey, concept and detailed design for rehabilitation of the existing boat ramp. The project required the design of a topping slab over the existing concrete slab as well as ...