South Pine Road and Plucks Road, Arana Hills – Intersection Upgrade

Projex Partners were engaged to design and document the intersection priority change at Arana Hills. The upgrade of South Pine Road/Plucks Road intersection has provided improved road capacity and intersection performance, enhanced road safety, enhanced immunity from storm-water inundation, and improved amenity and appearance of the road corridor.

Cupania Street, Mudjimba

The detailed design adopted a curvelinear alignment to assist with traffic calming and to suit adjacent streets. Existing public utility services were thoroughly investigated to ensure conflicts were avoided. The stormwater drainage design was aligned with Council’s drainage master plan for minor and major storm events. Careful consideration of existing property accesses and future property accesses where allotments would be filled, was undertaken to future-proof the design. Our detailed design documentation facilitated a safe and efficient construction phase for Council and the community is now enjoying the upgraded road environment.

D’Aguilar Highway, Caboolture

Detailed design for the widening of D’Aguilar Highway for the installation of 3.8km of wide centreline treatment (WCLT) and pavement rehabilitation works.

Bruce Highway South of Back Creek Range

Options Analysis and Detailed Design for the Wide Centre Line Treatment (WCLT) project for 2.4km of the Bruce Highway between Gin Gin and Benaraby.

The project includes multiple overtaking lanes and intersections plus sections requiring extended design domain assessment.