Mooloolah River Dredging

Preparation of a tidal works application that supports the proposed maintenance dredging of the Mooloolah River between Mooloolah Island and Outrigger Park by Sunshine Coast Council.

Jessica Park Pond Remediation, Kawana

Investigation and design of the existing pond function including remediation, to improve playing area within the park, improve water quality and a reduced ongoing maintenance costs to Sunshine Coast Council for pond maintenance.

Dump Ezy, Cooloola National Park

Dump Ezy provides campers within the Cooloola National Park a clean user-friendly discharge point for portable toilets. Projex Partners alongside Future Plus Environmental provided the design and contract administration for the project. The facility includes underground sewer holding tanks, elevated water tank, solar powered water pump and high water alarm system. Site accessibility, very poor ground conditions and ongoing wet weather were some of the challenges overcome during the delivery of the project for Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services.

Eversleigh Road, Scarborough

Projex Partners was engaged by Moreton Bay Regional Council to undertake a site investigation, geotechnical investigation and slope stability assessment of the existing embankment for the removal of a large tree at the eastern end of Eversleigh Road, Scarborough.

Projex Partners worked with Council to solve the slope stability issues and improve the useability of the site through the construction of a retaining wall and landscaping.

Scrubby Creek Road, Detailed Landslip Repair Design, Gympie Region

Projex Partners was engaged by Gympie Regional Council to investigate the causes of failure and design remedial works for the restoration of batter slips along Scrubby Creek Road in Western Gympie Region.

This project involved the restoration of batter slips both above and below the road in extremely steep topography (existing 1 on 1 batters) within highly erosive soils. Works included contract document preparations to TMR standards and preliminary detailed design of two concrete causeways.

Landfill ESC Auditing – Pierce Avenue, Bells Creek

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council (Council) undertook the construction of a leachate cut-off wall and associated leachate management works at the Pierce Avenue Landfill, Bells Creek.

Council entered into a contract to construct a 780m long sub surface cement bentonite cut-off wall and toe bund, leachate rising main and pump well, sediment pond, access track and associated infrastructure. The cut-off wall, once constructed, will minimise off-site migration of ground and surface waters. The main purpose of the project is to bring the site up to modern best practice landfilling standards. Including optimising the landfills operational performance to decrease leachate generation while increasing the recovery of leachate for disposal to a licenced sewerage treatment plant.

Council engaged Projex Partners to be the Principals Representative for Sediment and Erosion Control Inspection and Auditing for the duration of the construction period of the contract.

Mooloolaba Beach Sand Reclamation Pipeline

Projex Partners was engaged by Sunshine Coast Council to design, document and certify a buried Sand reclamation (dredging) pipeline. The pipeline was designed to allow rapid deployment of the dredge at the harbour mouth and to provide for sand re-nourishment to the Mooloolaba Beach. The project extended from the Mooloolaba Spit to the surf club at a distance of 1.5 km. Due to cost of the project, the project was staged to meet with councils budgetary constraints.

The pipeline was a 400DN polyethylene pipeline, selected for its toughness and flexibility. To provide a resilient design the pipeline was buried at 2m below the eroded beach level. This also served to improve public safety and aesthetics. To provide further resilience the pipeline was anchored along the beach to secure the pipeline; in the event the beach is eroded in extreme weather event.

The design featured regular buried discharge points (located by GPS) and breakout points to allow insertion of a booster pump.