Landsborough Park & Ride and Bus Station Re-Design

Detailed design and documentation of the proposed 300+ bay carpark, bus interchange and kiss and ride facilities for the Landsborough Park and Ride and Bus Station and associated Dyer Street upgrade and Tytherleigh Avenue / Caloundra Road intersection upgrade to QR, TMR, Council and Translink standards.

Max Morton Staircase, Arana Hills

Projex Partners designed a pathway connection between Plucks Road to Minto Crescent, Arana Hills. The project provides an improved connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists heading north and south, and to provide a safer alternative to Dawson Parade for cyclists.
The stairs and pathway included a cycle ‘push’ ramp, pathway landings, improvements to affected residential driveways, LED lighting and concrete sleeper retaining walls.

Nulty Way Park Staircase, Arana Hills

Projex Partners designed the replacement stairs at Nulty Way Park connecting Plucks Road and Cobbity Crescent, Arana Hills. Precast concrete steps were used to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment and allow for a more effective construction method within challenging terrain on a steep hillside.

Sippy Downs Pedestrian Facilities Investigation

Projex Partners developed a detailed study methodology to measure existing pedestrian movement demand, developed forecast models relating to new adjacent commercial development and generated infrastructure enforcements and associated design for management of pedestrian and other passive facility users.