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Structural Peer Review

Structural Peer Review

Independent technical peer reviews by qualified, competent structural engineers of project designs can help to reduce project risk, construction timeframes and material quantities.

The primary aims of a peer review are:
  • Review load path for gravity and lateral loads
  • Review robustness for gravity and lateral loads
  • Review structural adequacy of components
  • Explore opportunities for rationalisation
  • Identify risks to construction timeframes.
This can be achieved through:
  • identifying potential oversights in the design and detailing
  • highlighting design aspects that dictate construction programming or sequencing
  • analysing the efficiency of material use based on our experience and independent analysis
  • identifying temporary works which may be required and reducing the impact to the project timeline.
Our highly regarded team draw on over 100 years of combined engineering experience in the following engineering sectors:
  • high rise commercial and residential buildings
  • multistorey apartments and boutique unit developments
  • aged care, education and health sectors
  • mining, energy and resources
  • commercial and retail sectors
  • heavy and light industrial sectors.
We will quickly complete peer reviews and communicate findings that contribute to reducing project risks, timeframes and material costs. We can offer guidance on the recommended level of peer review depending on the type, size and public profile of the project.

We respect and strive to uphold the integrity of the structural engineering community, and frequently involve the incumbent consultant in our peer review process.