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Precast Engineering & Design

Precast Engineering & Design

Precast systems can be adopted for vertical structural elements, horizontal elements and façade and cosmetic attachments to buildings.

The structural team at Projex Partners has been using precast technologies in various applications for more than 25 years. Examples include:
  • Precast prestressed flooring products in various shapes
  • Precast wall panels for multistorey-buildings, including innovative details to ensure integral action between elements for large lateral loads
  • Precast columns
  • Solid beams and shell beams
  • Storage tanks (permanent and demountable)
  • Façade panels and other aesthetic features
  • Seating units for stadia
  • Miscellaneous civil products.
While recent defects on high profile projects have highlighted the importance of grout installation in horizontal joints, this is not a new issue. Projex Partners has experience in the identification of inadequate grouting, remediation techniques and the ability to advise on correct techniques to avoid the issue in initial construction. Projex Partners is heavily involved with temporary works for the safe handling and erection of precast elements.

Time savings, improved safety and improved quality from off-site manufacture are considerations that often lead to the adoption of precast solutions. Projex Partners can assist with assessment of options, detailed design and construction of all types of precast.