Sorensen Road Residential Development (139 Lots)

13 Sorensen Road was a 15.87 hectare site located in Southside, Gympie. The project involved the subdivision of the original lot into 139 residential lots over 7 stages with an average lot size of approximately 700m2.

Projex Partners has undertaken preliminary design for all 7 stages and detailed design for stages 2-4. We also prepared and lodged the operational works application and have received operational works approval for stages 2-4. Stage 2 is currently under construction and due for completion in August 2016. Projex Partners has also been undertaking construction supervision of the civil works.

The associated engineering works included the design of internal roads, a roundabout, underground drainage infrastructure, sewer services, bulk earthworks, watermain and relocation of services. An intersection with Sorensen Road and the site entry road was also required. Future stages will include another roundabout and bus stop.