Landfill ESC Auditing – Pierce Avenue, Bells Creek

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council (Council) undertook the construction of a leachate cut-off wall and associated leachate management works at the Pierce Avenue Landfill, Bells Creek.

Council entered into a contract to construct a 780m long sub surface cement bentonite cut-off wall and toe bund, leachate rising main and pump well, sediment pond, access track and associated infrastructure. The cut-off wall, once constructed, will minimise off-site migration of ground and surface waters. The main purpose of the project is to bring the site up to modern best practice landfilling standards. Including optimising the landfills operational performance to decrease leachate generation while increasing the recovery of leachate for disposal to a licenced sewerage treatment plant.

Council engaged Projex Partners to be the Principals Representative for Sediment and Erosion Control Inspection and Auditing for the duration of the construction period of the contract.