Bruce Lemcke Engineering Integration with Projex Partners

Projex Partners is excited to announce the integration of the BLE team into Projex Partners.

The addition of the BLE team adds structural engineering capability to the well-established planning, project management and civil engineering capabilities in the civil infrastructure, urban development, and mining industries that exists within the Projex Partners team. BLE’s industry knowledge and established structural engineering systems complement Projex Partners existing operations and allow the delivery of expanded and enhanced services to our clients.

Jeffrey Roulston is excited to be joining the team as a fellow Director. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and Registered Professional Engineer bringing more than 20 years’ experience to the business. This integration provides the capacity to deliver structural design and construction phase services to our clients as well as the existing civil and infrastructure capabilities offered by Projex Partners, and will result in outstanding levels of service to all our clients (past, present and future).

Jeffrey Roulston joins the Projex Partners team in the Maroochydore office.