Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Ride

Projex Partners was very proud to sponsor a team for the annual Somerset Rail Trail Fun Run, held on the 9th of July 2017.

It was at 5:00am when the Projex Partners team set out on their epic journey. A two-hour road trip sandwiched between a fairy floss sunrise and a setting full moon had the eager participants at the start line in Brassall, Ipswich. The team of 8 had an age gap of 40 years. The bikes, possibly more!

Opening the field up early, the Projex Partners team broke away from the peloton by spending the first 20 minutes of the ride at the start line. A couple of mechanical faults and a few photos later they were back on track.

The ride was a pleasant 24km along the newly opened Wulkuraka to Fernvale section of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail. The long consistent grades of the hills made no match for the Projex Partners team who found support in each other riding as a pack.

Mandarins were shared at the finish line as the team celebrated a great day of cycling. “When is the next ride?” and “I can’t feel my legs” were just a couple of the responses given by the participants when asked about the day.

Congratulations to Somerset Regional Council and Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Adventures for putting together a great event.